Waist beads are usually worn in West Africa and is a tradition made popular by the Yoruban tribe of Nigeria. They were usuallly worn as a celebration of womanhood, femininity, sexuality, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection and wealth. Today they are worn to express sexuality and to track weaight loss. 

Ayodele || Colourful Charm Waistbeads

SKU: RJ164
  • Description

    Colourful Waist Beads with Afrocentric Charms

    • Seed Beaded Waist Beads
    • Made to Order
    • Choose Your Charms
    • Choose Your Colours
    • Screw Clasp

    Please correctly measure the length you need. See below for guidance.

    To measure the correct length for your waist beads, please measure the section around your waist, high hip, or hip (depending on where you would like the waist bead to sit) while in an upright position. Make sure you do not measure it too tight as you need to be able to screw the waist beads on and wear them.

    Please note that as this is a bespoke item, a refund, exchange, or return cannot be accepted, unless it is damaged.

    SIZE - All care has been taken to measure jewellery accurately, but please allow a few millimetres of error.